The Journey® is recognized internationally as one of the most powerful self-healing processes of our time.

Developed by Brandon Bays, from her own self-healing experience


In 1992 Brandon was diagnosed with a uterine tumor the size of a basketball. She firmly believed that everything happens for a purpose, and this was her «wake up call» to heal herself. She designed The Journey process, and by going through a powerful experience where she relived and resolved a negative memory her body started its own healing. Six and a half weeks later she was pronounced «textbook perfect - no drugs, no surgery and no tumor».

Dr. Deepak Chopra refers to «phantom memories», where traumas and suppressed negative emotions can be trapped - or blocked - in body cells. When receptors are blocked, a degenerative dis-ease pattern can be created.

Through a beautiful guided meditation, one is able to allow the body wisdom to access cell memories. By going through a "cleansing and forgiving" process, negative emotions are finally released - which allows the next generation of cell receptors to be healthy and free. Within less than one year all the cells in the body have been replaced - and the body has been restored to a healthy condition.



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   The Method suggested by Byron Katie in her book

"Loving what is - The Work" - is also used

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Loving What is :

Four Questions That Can Change Your Live

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