Some testimonials :


More than a therapy, Birgitta's Journey-method is really like a miracle cure for psychological and moral distress. In the first session I had to face who I had become. In the second, I started to come back to life, expressing grief, anger and other traumas that I had buried since the age of 9 months old. In the third and last session I became a whole person. I feel determined, confident and whole. I'm starting to express myself more easily, and to affirm my personality. I'm extremely grateful to Birgitta.

   - French woman, 29 years old


After serving for over a decade in a high-stress work environment with other competing pressures, Birgitta helped me to rediscover my inner voice and path. I have since managed to integrate these lessons into my life and work, and as a result I am living a much more emotionally healthy life. Birgitta is an exceptional individual with a wealth of experience and personal resources that are brought to bear in her expert guidance of The Journey. I think that almost everyone could benefit from The Journey, particularly those who wish to live highly meaningful lives.

   - International civil servant, Geneva


Birgitta walked into my life when I was going through a very complicated time. She helped me get in touch with my feelings, which was a big step for me. Through several sessions, many challenging issues of the past that were bothering me on an unconscious level, were addressed and cleared. Before my last Journey I suffered a devastating loss, linked with deep guilt. After only one session, and many tears, I was able to leave Birgitta’s place and already feeling at peace with myself. The change was noticed and commented on by all my friends. All this happened over one and a half year ago, and I have never had any doubt that I did the right thing. I highly recommend this therapy.

   - Marcia, 42, Geneva


Birgitta is passionate about helping people. She is patient, positive, and knows how to hear what was left unsaid. Birgitta expertly guided me along The Journey path. Already after the first session, which was extremely intense, there was a huge change in me ... I became more like the person I knew I could be. I really appreciated the follow up after both Journeys; that was also very helpful. After only two sessions my physical as well as my emotional health had improved in a significant way. I feel happy having done The Journey assisted by Birgitta.

   - S.P. Geneva


I found The Journey experience to be profound work on many levels. Birgitta's guidance was gentle, supportive and very thorough. She made me feel most comfortable and allowed me to go to places where before I had been scared to tread. The benefits I have received were both immediate and long lasting. I am thrilled with how my professional businesses are moving forward and my life is unfolding. One single session with Birgitta helped me tremendously.

   - Jennifer, 35, Italy


I think this method is marvellous and powerful. I am now calmer, more peaceful, and more creative. I feel more grounded and less judgmental. Birgitta works with an open heart and really goes out of her way to help. After each session I feel a clear improvement in the quality of my own work and my personal relationships. I appreciate better the present time. I am deeply thankful.

   - Pascal Savatier, Geneva, Physical Therapist, Medical BioSynergy, Microkinesitherapist


Birgitta helped me to clear anger and sadness from my life. This was a profound discovery of the source and depth of my joy and creativity that are unfolding each and every day. During the whole emotional process Birgitta stayed calm and gentle, yet at the same time focused, in order for me not to become scattered, but stay centered. I found strength, peace and light within. This beautiful work I will never forget. Thank you so much Birgitta.

   - Antoinette Savatier, Geneva, Physical therapist, Microkinesitherapist


Birgitta really has found her vocation and she has a talent for putting even the most biggest skeptic totally at ease. During The Journey I could feel her being able to put herself in my shoes and at the same time keep the right distance to stay professional. Through this work I have felt less pain in my body and I have had more happy moments.

   - Pascal Gaudy, Geneva